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Braggage Bra Bag

The Braggage is a uniquely shaped bag for your bras, which can hold up to 3 bras at a time (cup sizes A-C/D). It is the ideal travel accessory for any woman or underwear lover, whether you travel frequently or not. Not only does the Braggage look great and ultra chic, but it protects your bras from being squashed and consequently prolongs the life of your cleavage.

At last you can preserve your expensive bras, be worry free and travel in style – so buy one today and see how it can change the life of your bras!!!

. . . Or buy one as a gift for a friends birthday, a hen night, bridal shower (after all, every bride should have one of these for her honey moon, right?!), or just buy one for someone because you know it’s the gift they’ve always wanted!

Available in 5 wonderful designs and colors!