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About Us

About Perfect Packages

I founded Perfect Packages in 2010, after noticing an ever increasing number of Expats coming to live in Switzerland and realizing there was an obvious gap in the market for English-speaking lifestyle consulting and bespoke design services. Coming from an event and entertainment management background, I started organizing English social events as a hobby. Word soon got around of my fun packed and well thought through events, where guests felt pampered and taken care of, and where all the details fitted perfectly. And so, my hobby of wanting to make people feel better about themselves – whether through make-over transformations, style counseling or by transforming their dream birthday party or event into reality – turned into a full fledged company, now known today as Perfect Packages.


VONDAWEAR by Perfect Packages was founded in 2014, when my daughter was 2.5years old. I felt despaired by the lack of fun, pretty girls clothing available in the Swiss shops. The clothes which my daughter liked, were either too extravagant, needed far too much ironing, were sweaty and itchy, or more often than not, totally out of my budget. On the other hand, the clothes which were affordable, had good-wear and needed less ironing, all seemed to be either too grown up, only available in unisex colours (my daughter loves pink in any shade!) and none of them embraced the magical fantasy land which she lived in on a daily basis... So literally overnight, I decided to source suppliers and find "pretty play wear" which could be worn to school or a party, would not need ironing, and would still be soft on a child's delicate skin.

  • The VONDAWEAR My Pretty collection for girls, is designed with the focus on every-day play, whether inside or outside of the home. Its selection of pinks/blues/whites, soft cottons, floaty tulle and lace, make it every little lady's wardrobe must-have.
  • The VONDAWEAR Nautical Wear collection is for smart, classical girls. Its selection of reds/navy blues/whites, make it the perfect colour combination for any event, be that a wedding, party, going to school or just picnicking by the lake.
  • The VONDAWEAR Dress-up collection is a selection of costumes, made for children to let their minds explore the world of imaginary play. They can decide whether they want to be a princess, ice queen or ballerina. The world is their oyster.
  • VONDAWEAR is easy to wash, rarely needs to be ironed and your little girl will feel very special indeed when she wears it. The price tag won't rob the bank either!

About Tala Daniela von Daniken

Well, where does one start…? I graduated from The School of Growing Up with a “degree” in talent for creative dressing, and a flair for color coordination. accessorizing and designing. Over the years I gained a “masters” in event management, having had the chance to experience the entertainment business early on with my father who was equally active in this world, managing events such as those for Smirnoff, Kodak, Ford and Sony. Since the age of 18 I have worked in event management positions for large organizations such as Ministry of Sound, Elan/Manpower, International Radio Festival, Credit Suisse and the Emmy International Television Academy – and so as such, my experience in this field is pretty broad. Additionally,  I studied makeup at The London School of Beauty & Makeup, in order to round off my knowledge in this world and expand my expertise.

I am a British/Swiss national, who grew up in Brighton, England, and moved to Zurich in 2001. I found out that organization, combined with entertainment is one my greatest skills, and I pride myself on being reliable, approachable and able to quickly identify peoples wishes and dreams. I grew up in a multicultural family environment and as a result I am particularly sensitive to what pleases people. I believe it is the “little things in life that count” and I have increasingly built myself a reputation for being able to add that “special touch” to peoples lives, as well as lifestyle related events, here in Switzerland.